Business Architecture Artifacts

You will work closely with leaders to identify strategic capabilities needed and leverage business architecture artifacts to create corporate and business area implementation roadmaps, while partnering with IT architects and leaders to align.

Smart Grid Enterprise Architecture Interest Group A Technology Transfer Outreach Effort of the EPRI IntelliGrid Program. work will referenced The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) for development and categorization of artifacts.

Deployment Diagram. A Deployment diagram shows how and where the system is to be deployed; that is, its execution architecture. Hardware devices, processors and software execution environments (system Artifacts) are reflected as Nodes.

Based on years as EA educators and practitioners, we understand the need that Enterprise Architects have for a robust and complete set of artifacts through their own methodologies that will give any Private Sector Organization or Government.

10 Dec 2018. New York: Winners of Global Enterprise Architecture Excellence Awards 2018 announced during the award. of the problem, the quality of architecture artifacts, perceived business benefits, innovativeness of the solution, etc.

11 Sep 2019. Enterprise Architecture Analysis Artifacts: Consists of models, diagrams, tables, and narrative, which show the proposed solution's integration into CMS operations from both a logical and technical perspective. Please note that.

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The Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner program is a certification that builds and extends the skills inherent in the. Create, refine, and document business cases, roadmaps, and other plan artifacts that deliver on the desired outcomes.

Based on the Framework for Enterprise Architecture, I would suggest that Enterprise Architecture is the set of primitive, descriptive artifacts that constitute the knowledge infrastructure of the Enterprise. It is purely structural. I would further.

Organizations develop Enterprise Architecture (EA) artefacts that describe their current and possible future states to help stakeholders make decisions [4, 5]. Examples of EA artifacts are: business strategies, process models, standards, data.

This excerpt from Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology. Why does one need to reinvent, perhaps over several iterations, the set of architecture-supporting artifacts?

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Designing and modeling business architecture Foundation and Transformation blueprints. Bringing transparency, simplicity, and agility to organizations.

Enterprise Architecture and its associated disciplines, by describing the operation of your organization through a set of inter-related artifacts, helps you better understand its complex structure with a view to more efficiently achieving your.

The Ohio State University's Conceptual Reference Architecture Model, shown below, represents key components in the. Personal Productivity; Client Collaboration Software and KM Tools; Business Intelligence Tools; Data Warehouse Tools.

A Business Architect is a practitioner of business architecture and acts as a bridge between business and technology, develops capability maps and other artifacts, and helps in the operationalization of strategy, and assists in the technology.

30 Sep 2013. I believe that Business Architecture isn't a deliverable but rather a discipline within Enterprise Architecture that has a set of methods, roles and artifacts that serve to solve a very specific part of a problem. Arguably the most.

One goal for agile enterprise architects is to ensure that this happens in an effective manner, to ensure that the needs of. By keeping your enterprise architecture artifacts simple you increase the chances that your audience will understand.

Enterprise architecture is one aspect of enterprise discipline, a critical scaling factors for ensuring that agile. Your enterprise architecture model is an important artifact used by several of the other enterprise management disciplines.

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Create and maintain a complete landscape architecture that's easy to capture, share, and understand visually with SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer.